Somali citizens demand accountability on Failure of Direct Elections

President Mohamed Abdullahi with all five leaders of regional states Failure of direct election in Somalia 2021

The main roots of failure  for direct elections are lack of cooperation between the Federal Government of Somalia and the regional administrations in the country

the Houses of  MPs have approved Law of election 2021 for indirect elections that will inherit Corruption as has been the case in the past with the election of former leaders

Since its inception, President Famajo’s government has focused on influencing political, social and economic leadership.

as evidenced by the following steps

1)Pollitacally:There was a massive campaign to oust the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari he was eventually thrown out of the chair.

There was also the ouster of the South West State led by Sharif Hassan and eventually  sharif Hassan abdicated himself to campaining for  re-election of presidential  of South west state. He convicted  the involvement  of FGS in the nomination of South West President Abdiaziz Laftagareen.

FGS was instrumental in the ouster of GalMudug President Haaf. intervened in the election of Qoorqoor as the President of the Galmudug State of Somalia

President Farmaajo has  fired Prime Minister Kheyre while he was on  trip  in Galmudug state

FGS has organised several meetings that were focusing to  unity of Five states but every meeting eventually ended up failure.

The  two states of Jubbaland and puntland openly refused to comply with FGS.

These two regional states  have concealment relationships with foriegns Government  suspiciously –Notobly UAE  and R of Kenya

2: Economically  focuses on the economic openness of the country which is the basis for the country’s companies to manage their assets directly when the taxes are paid by the companies are well managed by the government only 50% are well managed where the other fifty went. The government cannot answer this question

3 Socially :There ere  Gaps in educate the citizen To foster participation of citizens in education policy formation and implementation To develop good inclusive governance To ensure that government responds to the needs of school aged children opportunities  in education To increase the efficiency of public service delivery and improve governments accountability  Activity decrease. Lack of of the practical activity on the primary level (schools, local communities, etc.). Insufficient number of youth and school Politicization  change of the directions depending on the change of the national programs priorities.

 Domination of “beggar’s” mentality. Mutual mistrust. Repetition of the same kind of activities  “for all”. Alienation from the interests of the average citizens

4 Security :There are active element of Alshabaab militants who are still controlling several area of southern Somalia regions . There is No way to embarc elections those citizens living under controlled area of Alshabaab  thus abd other reasons nentioned above are the nain hendrence of fair election / direct ekection implmenting in Somali   

in this regards , AU and United nations should take  appropriate decisions that protecting the  whole  somali war torn citizens
by Abdullahi Sheikh Abukar  -SOHRA – Mogadishu Somalia  2/10/2020