WORLD BEYOND WAR SOHRA is membership with World Beyond the War




SOHRA is membership with World Beyond the War

  • Support Peace & stability and end of WAR in Somalia

The Campaign to support peace & stability and Ending WAR in Somalia proposes to conduct outreach activities to raise awareness and build knowledge of the issue of Advocating Supporting peace & stability and ending WAR throughout Somalia among the public and parliamentarians. The Campaign proposes to hold virtual advocacy meetings over Zoom with various representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and parliamentary members to develop a cohesive high-level dialogue on the issue of fully Rejection of WAR. The Campaign will also develop a new bilingual podcast platform that will invite a series of guest speakers including youth, tech workers, and feminist organizations in Somalia to talk about this issue. At the end of  WAR project, the Campaign will launch a social media campaign to increase awareness and gather more public support for  Ending of WAR and supporting peace & stability

The events activities are classified into online as Virtual conference  that will be indented through Zoom virtual participating  by Key community actors as Members of Somali Government,   and through in person as attending TVs/ Radios talk shows discussing the Supporting peace and stability and ending of WAR in Somalia   by outreach awareness raising  reaching to the project objectives and Goals the key attendees will be The Somali National Leaders, Members of Parliamentarians, Somali Military Officers, Members from Ministry of Security, Ministry of Women and Human Rights, and security institutions   to participate Online virtual zooming Panelists  and through Media coverage to build Public Awareness and political support in Somalia for the urgent need to Ban WAR and support peace and stability in Somalia

This will spend funding on translating and developing materials and resources, such as a paper in Somali or translation of existing Campaign materials, and develop Somali  national coordination.

SOHRA will share outcomes demonstrating the impact of campaigning, such as parliamentary motions, resolutions and questions; sign-on letters and statements from key community actors ; descriptions of political meetings; media coverage; photographs and videos of events and activities; graphics and visual materials; handouts, reports, and briefing papers; and other related materials., to minimize spread and transmission and as such events to drive diplomacy on supporting peace initiatives  in social distancing approaches

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