• SOHRA’s main Activity including
  • Help improve basic economic and/or social conditions at the local community Service providingProtection and Emergency Response for survivors of VAW,GBV through Legal aid
  • Awareness raising and provide training through fundamental human rights to the general public and routinely
  • Conducting investigation, documentation, monitoring along with media interviews and declarations calling for human rights protection and press releases condemning such violations.The center has a network system of monitoring and collecting daily events in the area of coverage and all incidents of abuses occurred in this country.
  • Support for Internally Displaced people through preventive and Protection of evictions with (HLP) Housing,Land and Properties Rights
  • Campaigning with Stop Killer Robots through Policy reform
  • Campaigning with International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW) through  policy reforms
  • Information sharing with International Network for Every Casualty Recording  based in London UK